Sharanya Misra

The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read #BookReview

I am not sure what pushed me to pick ‘the book with the orange cover’ that had been sitting on my shelf for 3 years. I hadn’t given it much thought until a year ago when finally, thanks to its …

Becoming by Michelle Obama #BookReview

I must begin this book review at a very strangely significant place indeed. Strange because this isn’t where I would usually begin a review, although it’s where a book begins. Significant because, and I am sure every book lover would agree with me, this is the first (albeit not the most important) factor in a […]

Incredible Women on #IInspire – Anupama Dalmia

Anupama Dalmia Award Winning Blogger. Author of ‘Aarohi’. Creative Writing Mentor & Instructor. Founder @ Rhythms & Beats. Co-Founder @ Tingle Your Taste Buds. And one day she discovered that she was fierce, and strong, and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her […]

Incredible Women on #IInspire – Kalpana Manivannan

Kalpana Manivannan Environment & Food Safety Activist. Owner & Farmer @ Kalpavriksha Farms. Blogger. We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already. – J.K.Rowling A successful Biology teacher loved by staff and students alike, on the brink of a big step up the career […]

Incredible Women on #IInspire – Monica Pesswani

Monica Pesswani Co-Founder @ The Apprentice Project. “Womenpreneur 2018 in the Social Sector, AIC, NITI Ayog”. Success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives. – Michele Obama. A software professional, seemingly eons ago. Now, a social change-maker in the education sector. Monica Pesswani is the girl […]

Incredible Women on #IInspire – Aleena Mackar

Aleena Mackar Professional Hairstylist & Make Up Artist. Creative Director @ Sherie’s Salons, Pune. Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger @ thestylechair. Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself – Coco Chanel. Young, Vivacious, Bursting with Creative Energy & Oozing Style – that’s Aleena for you. An acclaimed stylist, fashionista and blogger from Pune, […]

Incredible Women on #IInspire – Karen Sharma

Karen Sharma The Girl Who Trekked to Everest Base Camp! Free-Spirited & Adventurous, this corporate girl has a streak of wildness in her that refuses to be tamed! Here’s me in a tete-a-tete with Karen Sharma who took her passion for travelling to unbelievable heights, literally! Seventeen Thousand Six Hundred Feet above sea level lies […]

Incredible Women on #IInspire – Snehal Kher Sontakke

Snehal Kher Sontakke Co-Founder @ Space Frame Architects, Indore. Founder @ Cubus, Turnkey Solutions, Indore. Co-Founder @ 9 Months Journey to Motherhood, Indore.  “Business Leader in Innovation – Women in Business 2018” I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship – Louisa May Alcott. Entrepreneur, Architect, Interior Designer, […]

I Inspire – Stories of Incredible Women. Real Women, Real Stories.

‘Women are women’s worst enemies’, they said, and I believed. For a long long time. Then one day, I looked around and saw an entirely different story. One woman had just published her first book and was getting complimented by tons of other women. Another had begun catering from home only to be flooded with […]

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