Sharanya Misra

‘Women are women’s worst enemies’, they said, and I believed. For a long long time. Then one day, I looked around and saw an entirely different story. One woman had just published her first book and was getting complimented by tons of other women. Another had begun catering from home only to be flooded with praises from other women, encouraging their friends to give her a try. A third had just stepped into the challenges of motherhood and was feeling lost, till all her virtual friends gathered to share all the knowledge they thought would help. Yet another was going through a divorce and was bombarded with messages of strength and support. That’s when I asked myself, where are those women they spoke of? Where are the women who are women’s enemies? I found myself in a world where women were inspiring and getting inspired by other women, learning from them while sharing their own thoughts, helping them rise even whilst looking for support in their own fall. No, these women were not driven by envy or anger. These women were strong and secure genuinely helping other women realise their strength too. And I realised, that this age-old mantra had lived its life, and that we needed to spread a new one.

‘Every successful woman has a tribe of other successful women who have her back’. Now that sounds more like it!
The ‘I Inpire’ series on my blog is me living this new mantra. In this series, I will share with the world the stories of the women who have inspired me in my journey in the hope that they may inspire others too. These are the real women around us who have wowed me with their life, work and thoughts. This is my way of telling the world that it’s time to shed the stereotypes of the past and recognise sisterhood for the force that it is! Every woman around us has a story to tell that we can learn from! This is my way of spreading the positivity and inspiration these women bring. And it’s also my way of telling these incredible women that we are proud of what they have achieved and that we have their backs! It’s my way of reminding everyone, Women are NOT women’s enemies!

Every weekend starting 11th August 2018 will bring you the story of an incredible woman who has reached stellar heights! Do watch out for some super motivating stories, and spread the word!
‘I Inspire’ – Building a Tribe!

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