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Snehal Kher Sontakke

Co-Founder @ Space Frame Architects, Indore. Founder @ Cubus, Turnkey Solutions, Indore. Co-Founder @ 9 Months Journey to Motherhood, Indore.  “Business Leader in Innovation – Women in Business 2018”

Snehal Kher Sontakke on #IInspire

I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship – Louisa May Alcott.

Entrepreneur, Architect, Interior Designer, Certified Childbirth Educator and Badminton & TT Champion, Snehal Kher Sontakke is an incredible woman – fearless and gutsy – who dons many hats and excels in all of them!

I made my acquaintance with Snehal (or, Snehal Vahini, as I call her) about 3.5 years back. She came into my life in a package that we broadly term ‘the in-laws’! The one thing that I noticed straight away with her was her attitude. It wasn’t just the confidence she oozes or the positivity she naturally demonstrates. It was, more so, her spirit to keep learning, to keep improving and to keep challenging herself to do more. Indeed, her zeal to better herself is so infectious, here’s me in a tete-a-tete with her, hoping some of the magic rubs off on us!

Talking Beginnings – of Life & Architecture.

“We had a very content childhood”, Snehal recollects. “We were a middle-class family from a small place called Nagda in MP. My parents always encouraged us to try new things and gain exposure.” She had always had an interest in Architecture, she shares. “I would talk about building homes in the rain and the sun as a child!”.

Bhopal Villa by Space Frame Architects, Indore on #IInspire

Getting Bossy!

It was while working with the reputed Hafeez Contactor in Mumbai that Snehal realized she wanted the freedom to explore and learn more. She had picked up invaluable knowledge from her stint there and felt it was time to move on. Almost as if destined, she had met Amit Sontakke, another architect, during her journey. Amit went on to become her partner, both at work and in life. Their joint venture, Space Frame Architects was established in 2004 in Indore.

Amit Sontakke & Snehal Sontakke, Founders Space Frame Architects, Indore on #IInspire

In October 2016, a gorgeous home erected in Bhopal by Snehal and her firm was featured in Volume 3 of ‘50 Beautiful Houses in India’. In 2017, she made it to the book ‘Modern Houses in India’ which was launched in international markets. Today, Space Frame Architects, with a strength of 15, runs nearly 15-18 projects in parallel and specialises in making the villas of your dreams. In March 2018, Snehal was awarded the Women in Business 2018 – “Business Leader Innovation” by Indoglobal Smechamber.

Bhopal Villa by Space Frame Architects, Indore featured in ’50 Beautiful Houses in India’ on #IInspire
Santosa Villa by Space Frame Architects, Indore featured in ‘Modern Houses in India’ on #IInspire

Motherhood & A New Venture!

After her first pregnancy, Snehal realised that the vast array of information available for first time mothers-to-be could be either extremely confusing or simply overwhelming! That’s when   9 Months – Journey to Motherhood came into being. Snehal, and her partner Ms. Pallavi Gupta, coach parents-to-be so that their baby’s first home, the mother’s womb, is as carefully nurtured as Snehal nurtures the homes she builds! “This period in the womb never comes back and no two pregnancies are the same. We help them with the nutrition, the exercises, mental & physical conditioning…and both parents are involved. Indian society tends to keep the father un-involved in a pregnancy, but this is a journey of love that should actually be lived together”, she explains.

‘9 Months Journey to Motherhood’ on #IInspire
‘9 Months Journey to Motherhood’ on #IInspire

A Champion, Through & Through!

In January 2018, Snehal bagged the All India Architect Badminton Tournament Championship Titles, third time in a row! With 6 awards in IIAPL Badminton & TT to proudly call her own this year, she is already gearing up for more national championships under the Badminton Association of India. “Playing each morning refreshes me, clears my mind and helps me focus. In fact, I play better when in a problem!!”, she shares.

Snehal Kher Sontakke on #IInspire

Some Candid Chat & Some Expert Advice!

Marriage, two children, a job and myriad passions. What’s the secret to having it all, I ask her! The secret, as Snehal patiently explains, is not trying to do it all. “The problem with most Indian women is that we try to do everything ourselves and want to do everything perfectly at that! I have gradually learnt to delegate. Women must learn to ask for help. There is no shame in admitting that you need someone to do something for you.”

As I hastily end the chat, for it has far exceeded the time I had been granted, Snehal stops me to share some valuable tips for new entrepreneurs. Clearly, it’s a subject she is passionate about. “More women should opt for entrepreneurship. Not only does it help the economy, but it gives confidence. Children too learn to see their mothers differently. My children are proud of what I do and that makes me even more content with my work. In fact, I too drew inspiration from my mother and sister, both excellent entrepreneurs”. She can’t stress enough on the importance of learning. “Surround yourself with people who know more, who are more experienced than you. This ensures you are always learning. You will undoubtedly come face to face with challenges. But all you need to do is hang on, and they too shall pass!!”

Snehal Kher Sontakke has been featured in the ‘I Inspire’ series of this blog.

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