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Aleena Mackar

Professional Hairstylist & Make Up Artist. Creative Director @ Sherie’s Salons, Pune. Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger @ thestylechair.

Aleena Mackar on #IInspire

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself – Coco Chanel.

Young, Vivacious, Bursting with Creative Energy & Oozing Style – that’s Aleena for you. An acclaimed stylist, fashionista and blogger from Pune, she inspires with her incredible zest for her passions and her zeal to achieve!

Aleena and I go back a long way, nearly 13 years in fact, when life was all about school, lessons, exams, friendships, crushes and dreaming innocent dreams. When we were in a hurry to grow up and rush headlong into the ‘real world’. That’s where we are today – the real world, and Aleena is owning it and how! Here’s me in a tete-a-tete with this incredible woman.

Studying science at high school one day. Graduating from Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy the next. What inspired the turn around?

“I always knew I wanted to do something in the creative space”, Aleena shares. After playing around with thoughts of interior or fashion designing, Aleena found her true calling in the world of Beauty. Today, she has partnered with her mother in their popular salons in Pune – Sherie’s Salon. “It wasn’t easy breaking in”, she reveals – her mother had set the bar high! But with a fresh face came fresher perspectives and newer techniques and soon she had carved her own niche. Today Sherie’s Salon is the official styling partner of JW Marriott Pune.

Sherie’s Salon, Pune on #IInspire

And ‘The Style Chair’ was conceived!

Then about 4 years ago, Aleena finally gave in to a burning desire she had always harboured – to talk and share fashion. She founded her own Fashion & Lifestyle Blog – The Style Chair(TSC). Promising Blush, Bling & Bobbypins, TSC has been an expression of Aleena’s personal flair, talking about everything stylish, be it seasonal trends or many ways to style one garment, tips and tricks for hairstyles, makeup and fitness or travelling the world in style, TSC is a unique fusion of information & panache!

Stylista Aleena Mackar on #IInspire

From a Blogger to a Trendsetter, with over 19k followers!

Known for her bold and unique style statements, Aleena today stands tall against Pune’s Fashion & Beauty skyline. A part of the POPxo Blogger Network, running a successful YouTube channel and collaborating with many a celebrated brand, The Style Chair is nothing short of iconic! But Aleena attributes it all to her roots. “Fashion comes naturally to me”, she confides. “It’s almost been handed down the generations…from my Grandma, my Mom..In fact, my choices are usually classic while my Mom still loves experimenting with colours and prints!”.

Fashionista Aleena Mackar with her Mother on #IInspire

The Sweat Behind the Sheen!

Taking a peek behind all the opulence and élan, however, I found an inordinate amount of effort and dedication being invested. Aleena makes sure that her blog remains true to the spirit she started off with – to give her readers something unique and informative each time they visit. She puts in a lot of heart into her photoshoots, sometimes collaborating with professional photographers, waiting for the edits and the final photos – a long process! She always associates with brands she truly believes in because she believes her followers deserve it. With a blog, multiple social media handles, a YouTube Channel AND a profession that takes up 6 days of her week – all in her kitty, she is often in a race against time. But that hasn’t deterred her from fueling her newest passion – Fitness! Spending hours at the gym makes her feel good about herself, she is happier and enjoys being fit, she says.

Aleena Mackar on #IInspire

Some Candid Chat and an Expert Advice.

As we come to the end of our chat, I implore her to share her secrets. “Understand your body type and dress accordingly. Wear what you are comfortable in, and be happy whatever you do” is the mantra Aleena swears by. And what about ‘Aleena the woman’, what does she have to say? “Working with women every day has made me appreciate the immense strength women harbor. Knowing the hurdles that women deal with and listening to them share those stories is very inspiring”. She shares a recent event that she found commendable – that of Bollywood actresses Sonam Kapoor & Neha Dhupia getting back in action, at work, just days after their wedding, their hands still adorned with mehndi. “What a beautiful example they have set”, she exclaims. “…Marriage doesn’t bring a woman’s life to an end. Women are taking everything in their stride and being strong about it. Nothing will pull them down. That’s exactly the image we must portray. We take our jobs as seriously as men!”

Aleena Mackar has been featured in theI Inspireseries of this blog.

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The ‘I Inspire’ series on Sharanya’s blog intends to bring to the fore stories of common women around us who inspire with their life, work and thoughts. The series seeks to encourage women to stand by each other and quell the wide spread misconception that women are women’s enemies.

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  1. Beautiful and awe inspiring! Kudos to Aleena for carving a niche for herself in the competitive world of fashion and beauty and standing tall! You have done a fabulous job portraying her strength Sharanya!

  2. Beautiful and awe inspiring! Kudos to Aleena for carving a niche for herself in the competitive world of fashion and beauty and standing tall! You have done a fabulous job portraying her strength Sharanya!

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