Sharanya Misra

Happiness runs around my house
On tiny feet and little toes
With a skip, jump and a hop,
The sweetest voice humming random notes.

Laa la laa, la laa la laa…

Happiness makes my home come alive
With incessant chatter and queries non stop,
With unending role plays
And twirly dances in bright little frocks.

It drips off words like the sweetest honey
It dances on the tips of those fingers tiny
And with the gentlest caress or the tightest hug
In my heart it finds its place snug.

In that cheeky grin that gets its way
Or those puppy eyes that always sway
Happiness fills my house with laughter and light
And when that little face looks up at me,
Oh happiness, you make my life so bright!

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***Image source : Pixabay

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