Sharanya Misra

Is our language as new-age parents INCLUSIVE Enough?

I was looking through some parenting content on Google recently when the picture of a ‘family’ from a children’s book popped up. It showed a child with a mother, a father and 2 grandparents standing together, all smiles. While it was a beautiful picture, it had me worried. Would my child too be growing up […]

Working Parents & Their Sanity – Building a Support System

Let me at the outset clarify that when I mention ‘work’ here, it includes ANY work. So, it could be the work at home done by a home-maker-parent or it could be work in a professional/entrepreneurial environment. Either way, every parent struggles to find that fine balance between ‘work’ and ‘parenting’, especially with younger kids […]

When a Mother’s Heart Sings #Poetry

Happiness runs around my house On tiny feet and little toes With a skip, jump and a hop, The sweetest voice humming random notes. Laa la laa, la laa la laa… Happiness makes my home come alive With incessant chatter and queries non stop, With unending role plays And twirly dances in bright little frocks. […]

What’s in my Baby Bag? (Diaper Bag Essentials)

A baby bag is ESSENTIAL for anyone accompanying a child. It is a magic bag that contains everything you could possibly need to put your child at ease!  (This post is part of my Mommy Moments series.)   It was right after I came home from the hospital, with a brand new baby in tow, that I […]

What having a girl child meant to me! #MommyMoments

I had fought battles to shed all these layers that society had thrust upon me growing up, just because I was a GIRL. And now, my daughter, would have to go through the same cycle. The thought shattered me. On a mildly rainy evening in the October of 2018 in the UK, I walked home […]

Day Care for Children – Yay or Nay? #MommyMoments

A decision that found me spiraling in doubt and despair, thanks to the social taboo we associate with sending our children to nurseries. For some reason, our society looks at this choice as an “abandonment”. (This post is part of my Mommy Moments series.) The Dilemma. When my daughter turned about 4 months old, I […]

EBooks to the Rescue. #MommyMoments

Little by little, I allowed my book- thirsty self to re-emerge. Soon, I had seamlessly transitioned from a traditionalist to a modern reader, and I was grateful for the existence of this new medium! (This post is part of my Mommy Moments series.) If you have been a parent to a newborn or a toddler, […]

Re(de)fining Traditions for our Children. #MommyMoments

We can either carry on with the traditions of our past, associating histories and memories with them, or, ask ourselves if they can be tweaked to make way for a better tomorrow.    (This post is part of my Mommy Moments series.) India is a land of traditions. We, as a society, revere and revel […]

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