Sharanya Misra

Trip to Chikmagalur, Karnataka – Travel Review

Early one Saturday Morning our entire household could be seen in a flurry of activities. We were headed to a popular hillstation in Karnataka – Chikmagalur – and with 4 senior citizens and 3 children in our group of 12, a lot of planning had been put in place. At about 7 o clock, loaded […]

Is our language as new-age parents INCLUSIVE Enough?

I was looking through some parenting content on Google recently when the picture of a ‘family’ from a children’s book popped up. It showed a child with a mother, a father and 2 grandparents standing together, all smiles. While it was a beautiful picture, it had me worried. Would my child too be growing up […]

Dear Girls, Marriage is so much More than the Wedding Day!

The below post has been published on Women’s Web and was selected as a Featured Post. I was watching the popular English sitcom Friends the other day and a dialog of Monica’s on her brother’s wedding made me stop and take notice. She said “Ross, how long have you been thinking of this wedding? Emily […]

Arjavam by Geetha Ravichandran #BookReview

Arjavam. A spiritual value from the Bhagavad Gita that embodies the alignment of thoughts, words and actions. This unique word, that holds a whole lot of personality within, sits on the cover page of Geetha Ravichandran’s debut book in poetry. As she says, it is “consonance in what the heart feels, the mind thinks and […]

The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read #BookReview

I am not sure what pushed me to pick ‘the book with the orange cover’ that had been sitting on my shelf for 3 years. I hadn’t given it much thought until a year ago when finally, thanks to its …

Working Parents & Their Sanity – Building a Support System

Let me at the outset clarify that when I mention ‘work’ here, it includes ANY work. So, it could be the work at home done by a home-maker-parent or it could be work in a professional/entrepreneurial environment. Either way, every parent struggles to find that fine balance between ‘work’ and ‘parenting’, especially with younger kids […]

When a Mother’s Heart Sings #Poetry

Happiness runs around my house On tiny feet and little toes With a skip, jump and a hop, The sweetest voice humming random notes. Laa la laa, la laa la laa… Happiness makes my home come alive With incessant chatter and queries non stop, With unending role plays And twirly dances in bright little frocks. […]

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