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Sat, Sam and Trib, or the ‘Triple Sundae Gang’ as they like to call themselves, eat, breathe and sleep cricket! A friendship that sprouts in a small residential colony of Chennai over the sharing of cricketing equipment finds itself journeying through life alongside the Indian cricket team. And as the young boys immerse themselves in the ups and downs of Indian Cricket, their dreams of making a place for themselves in the world of cricket begin to evolve. But do these dreams come true? Does the Indian team meet the expectations of these young lads rooting for them with all their might? More importantly, does their love for the sport help them realize their better selves?


‘Life in the Sunshine’ can be said to be a two-pronged read. One, as a commentary of all the significant games the Indian team played since the 1983 World Cup win. The author, T.Sathish, is clearly a cricket aficionado and his love for the game is reflected in his retelling and analysis of the games from back then. As a result, it would undoubtedly appeal to the lovers of the sport. Two, is the plot itself – the story of these boys, primarily of the narrator Sat, into adulthood.

I, personally, am not a great follower of the sport. And yet I loved the book! Why, one would ask! Surprisingly, the answer lies in the book:

“What has this bloody game given you, apart from taking up your time?” I wanted to answer, that the game has given me memories.

The book magically takes you back to your childhood. While I never played or felt for the sport, I grew up with kids around me discussing it just the way Sat, Sam and Trib did. Summer vacations would often find children from my colony gathering all day long for matches, no matter the heat burning down on them. Most days would have my mother answering the door to young kids pleading “Aunty, can we have the ball back?”. Boys around me would undoubtedly harbor the one major goal of making it to the Indian team, until one by one they would drop out of selections and convince themselves of a life just as a spectator of their beloved sport. Growing up, cricket was always a big source of interest among kids my age and those are exactly the memories this book brings back! Its heartfelt and warm narration appealed to the child in me!

The author successfully scores with a pleasant plot too, that beautifully conveys the inspiration this sport could be for those who wish to draw from it. His unique style of writing – a combination of sarcasm, humor and witty word play – doesn’t fail to impress and prevents the plot from spiraling into a mundane read.

All in all, call it a tale of lasting friendship or a tribute to a sport that is almost revered in our country, T.Sathish’s ‘Life in Sunshine’ is in fact a pleasing trip down memory lane. Do read,

for an experience laced with nostalgia and a tinge of warmth that lingers on beyond the final page of the book.

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