Sharanya Misra

Heya!! Howdy dowdy!

Have we met before? I am Mr.Caramel Macchiato, all the way from Starbucks. You sure must have heard of Starbucks! It’s a whole other galaxy where I live with my brothers and sisters – the Chai Tea Latte, Espresso, Cappuccino, Frappucino, Americano…and so many more!! For now though, I have moved in with my dear friend Sharanya. We make a fantabulous pair, I tell you! She carries me along everywhere in her favourite Instacuppa Vaccuum Insulated Travel Mug. I have been sitting on her table for a while now where she enjoys sips of me every now and then. The mug keeps me piping hot for 6 hours!

Sharanya isn’t a corporate junkie like many of her colleagues though. Oh, the terrible stories I have heard of them. Did you know? Shhhhh…come closer. They are all addicted, ADDICTED you hear? To me and my species. They walk in each morning with their Instacuppa Vaccuum Insulated Travel Mugs and head straight for a fill of us. Oh, the atrocities they put my kind through!

I hear, they don’t drink, they GULP! Before you know it, they are out for a refill again! What blasphemy! We aren’t just any random drink. Our seeds are lovingly sown and nurtured, and our fruits painstakingly dried till we become gorgeous aromatic beans. One would imagine we deserved more respect than careless consumption. But that’s not all. More often than not, these corporate guys pair us with the worst kind there can be….cigarettes! Ugghh, I hear they sip us alongside puffs of those notorious stinkers. They say it helps them think. I beg to differ, thank you. My friend Sharanya is extremely intelligent and smart and has never felt the need for such lowly companionship! But then, of course, she has me!!

Coffee & The Corporate - An Affair
Coffee & The Corporate – An Affair

This corporate mafia has also caused the most vicious war my kind has ever seen….between the Galaxies of Starbucks and Costa! There was a time when we lived in peaceful co-existence. But ever since these lads came along, we have been fighting like cats and dogs for supremacy. My Sharanya doesn’t go to Costa though. She tried once ( I try not to think much of this one-time adultery), but the caramel Macchiato there was dark and tiny like an Espresso. I laughed in merriment as I watched her throw it down the drain!

Sad, ain’t it, that our love affair with the corporate has dwindled into a relationship of festering need? Don’t we deserve to be carefully sipped, swirled in the mouth to let our aromas engulf their senses and then lovingly incorporated into their beings? Instead we are now infamous for ruining their health with our caffeine content. They have even begun cloning decaffeinated versions of us. Ah, what is the world coming to? If only these lads could have shown some semblance of restraint, we could have retained our sense of pride. Eh Whatever, as long as Sharanya isn’t so!

Coffee & The Corporate - An Affair
Coffee & The Corporate – An Affair

Oh no, looks like its time to head out. Sharanya is taking me along to the smoking zone. I know she would much rather not, but the biggies are heading out again and she must follow. Ah, the politics of the corporate world, I can reveal so much of the ins-and-outs of what happens here!! But that’s for another day. For now, we need to brace ourselves against the onslaught of the smoky smokiness of the realm we must enter! Wish us luck! Ta-da, see you later!!

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