Sharanya Misra

Drops of dew on the green outside.

Peering from the window within,

Yearning for what, I know not!

Yet something draws,

How long do I resist?


The blue invades the room

Throwing the window open, I escape,

Before it engulfs all!


Taking a leap

Into that beauty of swaying seductresses,

So seemingly unfathomable,

So immeasurably pure.

The holder of all things perfect and divine,

The path to a glory dreamt of, but yet unreachable.


The blue now peers from behind,

Too far to cognize.

A warmth spreads within,

And hope springs.

Mirroring the vision around.


But the Sun is soon rising,

The drops vanishing into nothingness

Even as I rush to hold them close,

Saving them from obscurity, so I believe.

Saving myself from the agony

of a dream just out of reach.

Watching it transform into a dullness,

So fathomable,

So mundane.

The shiny enchantresses nowhere to be seen.


A listlessness descends,

Wondering at what had drawn

Into this vast emptiness!


Turning around I flail

Trying to grasp at that sole thread of familiarity

Tugging at it in desperation.

The fading blue on the other side

Now seeping through,

Its vicious tentacles on my arms and face!


Pulling at that window of comfort,

Dismay hits hard.

For alas, there is no budge.

The shutters resolutely unmoving,

And the life beyond,

Doggedly shut.

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