Sharanya Misra

Arjavam by Geetha Ravichandran #BookReview

Arjavam. A spiritual value from the Bhagavad Gita that embodies the alignment of thoughts, words and actions. This unique word, that holds a whole lot of personality within, sits on the cover page of Geetha Ravichandran’s debut book in poetry. As she says, it is “consonance in what the heart feels, the mind thinks and […]

Aashi by Maitabi Banerjee (Book Review)

Aashi is a book that raises some very pertinent questions through its plot about the lives women lead, constantly struggling to find the equilibrium that could make everyone happy. But is their own happiness even part of that equation? Aashi. Gentle, like a mild breeze. Yet fierce, like a gust of cyclonic wind threatening to […]

Hiraeth by Dr. Shivani Salil ( Book Review )

A book of twenty-four stories from the India-Pakistan partition of 1947, that take you back to the reality, misery, betrayal, loss, and yet hope, that this unfortunate historic event triggered. I read the book ‘Hiraeth’ by Dr.Shivani Salil a year ago. Pretty much as soon as it was launched, in fact. And I loved it. […]

EBooks to the Rescue. #MommyMoments

Little by little, I allowed my book- thirsty self to re-emerge. Soon, I had seamlessly transitioned from a traditionalist to a modern reader, and I was grateful for the existence of this new medium! (This post is part of my Mommy Moments series.) If you have been a parent to a newborn or a toddler, […]

Kalkatta Chronicles by Supriya Newar #BookReview

Remember the times of the boxy phone and the even boxier TV? The times when mobile phones hadn’t made their grand entry into every pocket and purse? When power cuts were not immediately handled with generator backups and on dark ‘current-less’ nights antakshari under the stars with cousins was the norm? When people looked at […]

The Forest of Enchantments by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni #BookReview

BUY THIS BOOK HERE. “I bless my daughters, who are yet unborn. I pray that, if life tests them – as sooner or later life is bound to – they’ll be able to stand steadfast and think carefully, using their hearts as well as their heads, understanding when they need to compromise, and knowing when […]

The Anatomy of Choice by Harshali Singh #BookReview

Bhavya. Bee. Strong headed, fiercely Independent and aggressive. On the outside. On the inside though, is another story. On the inside, is a girl struggling with dilemmas, fighting with the demons of the past which have crept up into her present and muddled it to the extent that she can no longer comprehend where her […]

The Year of the Runaways – Sunjeev Sahota

Poverty & hope often go hand in hand. Humans, I believe, are programmed to fight till their last breath, and what drives them is the possibility of a better future, a miracle that could turn their lives around. So when the possibilities start seeming limited, we move on to what we believe are wider horizons, […]

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