Sharanya Misra

Aashi by Maitabi Banerjee (Book Review)

Aashi is a book that raises some very pertinent questions through its plot about the lives women lead, constantly struggling to find the equilibrium that could make everyone happy. But is their own happiness even part of that equation? Aashi. Gentle, like a mild breeze. Yet fierce, like a gust of cyclonic wind threatening to […]

EBooks to the Rescue. #MommyMoments

Little by little, I allowed my book- thirsty self to re-emerge. Soon, I had seamlessly transitioned from a traditionalist to a modern reader, and I was grateful for the existence of this new medium! (This post is part of my Mommy Moments series.) If you have been a parent to a newborn or a toddler, […]

The Anatomy of Choice by Harshali Singh #BookReview

Bhavya. Bee. Strong headed, fiercely Independent and aggressive. On the outside. On the inside though, is another story. On the inside, is a girl struggling with dilemmas, fighting with the demons of the past which have crept up into her present and muddled it to the extent that she can no longer comprehend where her […]

Book Review : The Emancipation Of Farzana Siddiqui by Radhika Tabrez

Daughter. A word that evokes myriad emotions all at once – Love, Care, Reliability, Support. As is oft quoted in Indian society “A son is a son till he gets a wife, a daughter is a daughter all her life”. She may not carry your name, but you know she always carries you in her […]

Book Review – PRALAY: THE GREAT DELUGE by Vineet Bajpai

“His eyes were blazing and his right hand was outstretched, his finger pointing straight at Manu, as Matsya screamed out the bloodcurdling words. PRALAY…ESHHYATI…! THE GREAT DELUGE…IS COMING…!” 1700 BCE. Harappa, the most advanced civilization on Earth, is on the verge of doom. The Surya of Harappa, the revered Vivasvan Pujari, is now a beast […]

A Fleeting Rendezvous

Kay looked up from the book even as her heart leapt a familiar little leap. There he was. Taking long anxious strides towards the ticket kiosks. You’re late today! 07:58. She looked at him dreamily in his ruffed jeans and tweed blazer, the usual satchel bag hanging to the side. You look every bit the […]

Aqson (Level 1) by Koel Ganguly. A Superb Read!

Yuvrani Rathore. Bold, beautiful, regal, confident and the youngest ever President of NDP, the ruling party of India. Comfortable in her skin and her status, almost as if she were preparing for this her whole life. Toya Mahapatra or ‘Dinkey with an O’ as she is fondly called. Young, quirky, sensitive, caring and intelligent with […]

The Glass Palace – Amitav Ghosh

Some 200 pages into this 547-page-book, someone asked me what the book is about. I had no idea. And that’s my biggest complaint. But then, let’s begin with page 1 ? Rajkumar lost his family as a little boy and now, all alone in the world, he fends for himself in Mandalay. Mandalay, the site […]

The Magical World of Enid Blyton!

A little girl, all of 9 years old, had locked herself up in her room. Her parents had been warned not to disturb her. Afterall, she had a few important meets lined up. First she had to visit Janet and her brother Peter and their 5 friends in their shed again. Their mother had promised […]

Candies In Her Palm – A Short Story #NostalgiaSeries

“They walked in the sweltering heat, the two sisters and Namita, the elder one’s best friend. Backs bent with the weight of the khaki coloured bags..the rectangular ones with two shiny clips that had to go ‘tak’ and ‘tak’ again, so you knew they were properly closed. Feet clumsily covered in battered chappals, dragging on […]

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