Sharanya Misra

Dear Girls, Marriage is so much More than the Wedding Day!

The below post has been published on Women’s Web and was selected as a Featured Post. I was watching the popular English sitcom Friends the other day and a dialog of Monica’s on her brother’s wedding made me stop and take notice. She said “Ross, how long have you been thinking of this wedding? Emily […]

The Great Indian Kitchen – MovieReview. MUST WATCH!

A hard hitting story that tempts you in with droolworthy images of delicious treats, catches you unawares, and throws you headlong into the abyss of what it actually means to be a woman running a household in India. Director Jeo Baby’s ‘The Great Indian Kitchen’ hit the OTT platform Neestream on the 15th of Jan […]

Are there ‘acceptable’ limits to sexual offenses?

Judgements like these possibly undermine the problematic thought processes our society harbours against girls and women and can set very dangerous precedents. Bottomline – a sexual offense cannot be ‘minor’! In a shocking recent judgement, the Nagpur Bench of the Bombay High Court stated that groping a child’s breast could not amount to sexual assault […]

Why do women shy away from handling finances?

Why do working women not manage their own finances? Why are homemakers only silent spectators of the financial decision making process at home? Why do women always turn to the men for all financial handling? It was a couple of years ago when I was in the UK that a piece of news I read […]

What having a girl child meant to me! #MommyMoments

I had fought battles to shed all these layers that society had thrust upon me growing up, just because I was a GIRL. And now, my daughter, would have to go through the same cycle. The thought shattered me. On a mildly rainy evening in the October of 2018 in the UK, I walked home […]

Why you MUST WATCH Enola Holmes!

The glaring misogyny is repulsive, and yet a shocking realisation of the times women have been through to get even basic rights. What lengths they had to go to so we could be here today. Enola Holmes, the movie, an adaptation of Nancy Springer’s mystery novels, is now streaming on Netflix. Enola, sister of world […]

Re(de)fining Traditions for our Children. #MommyMoments

We can either carry on with the traditions of our past, associating histories and memories with them, or, ask ourselves if they can be tweaked to make way for a better tomorrow.    (This post is part of my Mommy Moments series.) India is a land of traditions. We, as a society, revere and revel […]

Parenting is a Father’s responsibility too. #MommyMoments

Parenting is about shared family time, fun in togetherness, combined decisions – a project in partnership. And when the father is around, he needs to be an active partner, not a silent one.      (This post is part of my Mommy Moments series.) It was about 3 months into my journey of motherhood that […]

Bringing up our Boys Right – My Takeaway from Thappad & BoisLockerRoom!

The Thappad. I watched the movie Thappad a few weeks ago (FINALLY) and almost immediately, like everyone else around me, I jumped on the judgemental wagon that has been doing the rounds – Did she do right? Was she justified? Would anyone in real life ever do this? For the uninitiated, the movie is basically […]

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