Sharanya Misra

Aashi by Maitabi Banerjee (Book Review)

Aashi is a book that raises some very pertinent questions through its plot about the lives women lead, constantly struggling to find the equilibrium that could make everyone happy. But is their own happiness even part of that equation? Aashi. Gentle, like a mild breeze. Yet fierce, like a gust of cyclonic wind threatening to […]

Hiraeth by Dr. Shivani Salil ( Book Review )

A book of twenty-four stories from the India-Pakistan partition of 1947, that take you back to the reality, misery, betrayal, loss, and yet hope, that this unfortunate historic event triggered. I read the book ‘Hiraeth’ by Dr.Shivani Salil a year ago. Pretty much as soon as it was launched, in fact. And I loved it. […]

Book Review : The Emancipation Of Farzana Siddiqui by Radhika Tabrez

Daughter. A word that evokes myriad emotions all at once – Love, Care, Reliability, Support. As is oft quoted in Indian society “A son is a son till he gets a wife, a daughter is a daughter all her life”. She may not carry your name, but you know she always carries you in her […]

A Fleeting Rendezvous

Kay looked up from the book even as her heart leapt a familiar little leap. There he was. Taking long anxious strides towards the ticket kiosks. You’re late today! 07:58. She looked at him dreamily in his ruffed jeans and tweed blazer, the usual satchel bag hanging to the side. You look every bit the […]

Julie & Julia – Movie Review

Let me begin by dropping a few hints on why I may possibly have liked this movie. It has food. And blogging. And women reclaiming their aspirations in life. There you go, that’s a pretty irresistible cocktail to me! Julie & Julia is a movie that revolves around the two central characters: Julia Child & […]


Abdullah loves his little sister Pari as a mother would love her child. With their mother dead and a step-mother at home, Abdullah feels she is the only true family he has left. She means the world to him, and all he wants is to give her happiness abundant. But with a harsh winter coming, […]

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